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Avaira might not be as widely known as other CooperVision brands, but it’s certainly gaining traction in the contact lens market. Many people who try these weekly lenses rave about their comfortable feel, wet surface, and breathable material. As a bonus, Avaira contacts also have powerful UV-blocking technology to protect wearer’s eyes from the sun’s brutal rays.

Are you interested in learning more about the Avaira brand? If so, we suggest you take a peek at the info below. In addition to going over all things Avaira, this post will share details on how you could purchase a box of Avaira contacts directly from

What Are Avaira Contact Lenses?

Avaira is a soft contact lens brand manufactured by the California-based company CooperVision. Although CooperVision is always innovating with its soft contact lens brands, most Avaira products are two-week disposable lenses.

Interestingly, recent research out of CooperVision suggests about 80 percent of Avaira customers comfortably wear these lenses for as long as 14 hours per day. That being said, optometrists never recommend wearing contacts to bed unless they are continuous wear lenses.

A significant reason for Avaira contacts’ superior comfort might have to do with their silicone hydrogel design. As you might already know, silicone hydrogel is one of the best lens materials in terms of oxygen permeability.

On top of its silicone hydrogel construction, Avaira has a unique technology that allows the lens’s surface to retain moisture. Dry eye sufferers should notice a considerable reduction in symptoms even after hours of wearing Avaira lenses.

Lastly, all Avaira contact lenses have a coating of strong UV protection. Research has shown UV rays can cause significant damage to contact lens wearers’ eyes, so this added protection is a welcome addition (especially for people who spend a lot of time outdoors).

Avaira Contact Lenses On

As of today, offers two major Avaira lines for our customers: standard Avaira and Avaira Vitality. You can find out more about these two lenses by checking out these descriptions below.


The traditional Avaira lens has many advanced features including a layer of UV blocking technology and a highly breathable Aquaform Technology. CooperVision manufactures all of its Avaira lenses with a flexible material known as enfilcon A, which also helps improve the lenses’ moisture content.

The traditional Avaira lenses are only suitable for daytime use for two weeks. Before putting on your lenses, strongly recommends reading the official expiration date and talking with your optometrist.

Note: CooperVision is slowly phasing out the standard Avaira brand. While still has Avaira contacts in stock, we can’t guarantee we’ll have your size and prescription strength. We urge you to visit this link to to find out all the latest information on the Avaira brand.

Avaira Vitality

Avaira Vitality contacts are the new and improved Avaira brand. CooperVision scientists say the most noteworthy changes in this updated lens variety include an enhanced Class 1 UV filter and a higher moisture content per lens. Patients who liked the regular Avaira brand often find these lenses are even more comfortable than the original brand.

Just like the standard Avaira variety, Avaira Vitality is available on boxes containing three lenses each. For more info on ordering Avaira Vitality, we recommend visiting this webpage.

Other CooperVision Brands On

While Avaira is a highly rated brand, it’s far from the only soft lens in CooperVision’s portfolio. If you don’t like the Avaira lenses for whatever reason, then we encourage you to look through the other CooperVision lenses available on

A few notable CooperVision brands you’ll find on this webpage include:

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While you’re on our website, feel free to look through our full portfolio of contact lenses to find the perfect option for you. In addition to CooperVision, regularly stacks our shelves with products from manufacturers as big as Bausch + Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, and Alcon.

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